Friday, September 12, 2008

Gone Camping/Hunting!

Hope you all have a great and blessed week.  We will be gone with Tom & Amanda Savage on a camping/hunting trip.  Hopefully it will be a restful and refreshing time.  We unfortunately missed family camp because Tommy could not get out of work that week so this will be our vacation.  We hope to return with some venison!  I would love to make some good ole Chicken Fried Steak with not healthy but if you are from the REAL south ( i.e. TEXAS) ...this is a staple and in my house a must every now and then.  Good luck to those of you starting school with your kiddos this week.  I had a wonderful time listening to April G talk about homeschool and organizing. It was such a blessing and it was great to hear others ideas as well.  It is  a lot to do but I have seen most of your kids and all the hard work definitely shows. So keep up the good work! For the rest of you in April M's group work hard and take it slow and steady!  See you all next week.  

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Jenny said...

I hope you had a wonderful time, I look forward to hearing about it!