Monday, November 3, 2008

Start Talking!

What a great day today.  I heard pastor had a great sermon this morning.  I will have to get a copy of it as I was in with the kids this morning.  But tonight was just a huge blessing to me as I am sure it was to many others.  I never thought of prayer in this manor.  I left church tonight with my heart so full.  The sermon and then the singing to the Lord just was a great impact.  As we sang Sweet Hour of Prayer (one of my favorite hymns) and then How Great Thou Art - I just reflected on so many things.  How great the Lord is...........women expecting that medical science or doctors say shouldn't be, friends that have been blessed greatly this past week, and the Lord working in so many lives, and thinking and reflecting on the miracle of Faith!  SO many more things to go on and on about but God is just so good to me and to us.  I do not normally show emotion very easily (well not around a lot of people) but I could not stop the tears from flowing tonight as I was singing and thinking of these things, and thinking about all the people that had to be praying for these things to happen. I know we were challenged tonight, but I want to reiterate that challenge by saying lets get busy praying more!  Look at all the wonderful things that come from prayer.  There are many more ladies wanting to have a child or needing support, or families with needs.  God may say wait, he may say yes or even No. But he won't say anything if we aren't talking to him!!!  I don't know if anyone else wants this but please hold me accountable...I want to see my prayer life increase and grow so much stronger than it has been.


Garth & Becky said...

Amen! Garth and I talked in the car on the way home last night about what a rebuke that message was. Yet, it was an encouragement to get doing what we should be doing! I thank the Lord for that was much needed in my life.

Jenny said...

Oh, yes! That message was amazing! And so was the singing. What a blessing the service was. Yes, the message was really used to speak to me also. WOW... it really was for me!! I loved the practical teaching on how to pray and how to talk about it. I'm glad you posted about it... bringing it to our minds again. God bless!

Anonymous said...

All I can say, is it was ordained of God that He put Bro. Chavez and Bro. Saling in each others' paths! I needed that message. I realized that my prayers were lacking. It was a reiteration of what I have heard so many times before, but it hit me differently this time! PTL!

~Emily H.

Amanda said...

Hey my friend,
I miss you we need to do something maybe just us huh?