Friday, June 26, 2009

The road to AZ begins in TX

So we are finally getting around to updating which is long overdue.

As some of you know our trip home to TEXAS turned into a roadtrip to Arizona for me. Long story short I had the honor of transporting the body of a church member from Dad's church to Arizona. Dad promised her that when she died he would ensure that she got buried next to her husband's body in AZ. So I decided to accompany Dad and his assistant pastor/youth director on this journey. We drove straight through taking turns driving. It took about 20 hours of driving to get to Quartzite, AZ from Dallas. Here are a few pictures from the Texas part of the journey there. Most of these are from West Texas, the dryer part of the state, so any of you that have never been to TX don't get the idea it all looks like this. Also, most of these were taken from a van with tinted windows speeding down the highway. I have attempted to clean them up a bit, but they are far from perfect. I will post more of the trip in other posts.

Texas Bluebonnets! Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson (Lyndon Johnson's wife) they grow all along most highways in East and Central Texas.

These giant windmills help provide power for a lot of West TX. You can see how massive they are next to this building.

There is one or two of them that have been built....

I thought this was kind of cool. Sort of an old school vs. new school shot.

This was by far my favorite exit on the entire trip. Can you imagine the people that are lucky enough to live on this road?

A pump for an oil well. This is how all of us Texans become rich and live on huge ranches and drive our Cadillacs.

There also have been a few of these built because more oil equals more money which equals more Cadillacs.

I love this one! It seems the further into the desert you go the more dramatic the sky becomes. Wait until you see some of my AZ shots.....

Some of the rugged beauty of West Texas

More of the same.

The foothills out here were awesome. I love the big 'ol boulders that litter the hillsides.

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Amanda said...

Tom and I will have to take a road trip down there sometime just to see the scenery!