Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trying new things!

Well, yet again it has been a while since I updated. No surprises there! Well, I added some recent pics of Faith and I, and our new hair cuts. Well, not so new, but for those of you who live far away, there you have it. We are trying on short hair for a while as I was getting tired of a crying girl complaining every time I brushed her hair to get tangles out. I, also, put a 2 month pic of Trey up even though he is almost three months. I will post with a more recent pic of him next week when he hits the three month least that is my goal if we get over the sickness junk that has been going around.
Other pics include our dinner tonight. I am trying out new recipes I find on pinterest -WW cornflake dijon baked chicken and homemade mac n cheese...yum. I am trying to recreate one new meal at a time. And, my kiddos in their daddy's shirts. I spray Tommy's cologne on them and they love to sleep in them. It makes them feel closer to him.
Last, we are just hanging out doing K-5 with Faith everyday. She is doing well. She can write all her vowels in cursive and a few other letters. She excels in every area and is slowly getting the hang of writing, and it is cursive. So I am not too hard on her since she is only 4. Jaxson, while not growing very tall has a very extensive vocabulary. Trey, well he giggles in his sleep(which I love), he smiles alot, rolled over for the first time from back to tummy last week and loves to constntly be moving or eating! He is going to be quite tall I think as he is only 8 inches shorter than Jaxson right now. He is a joy to have around.
We miss Tommy while he is away on deployment and have had quite an eventful time since we have been home from Texas for the holidays. We have had car issues, sickness, I got a speeding ticket and more sickness. So I figure the Lord is giving it to me all at once so that every deployment after this first one (being back on sea duty for the first time in 4 1/2 years) will be a piece of cake! It helps I started digging in and reading my bible again. It has comforted me so much in the passed week and has got my focus back on where it should have been. I am thankful for my husband and thankful for the sacrifices he makes. He may not be gone for a year at a time, but it sure feels like it at times and this is a feeling you never get use to. Don't get me wrong I love the military and there are many wonderful things about it, but it is not something we are good at (this being apart thing). Neither of us are quite the same without the other around. I am a little more quiet and withdrawn without him. Kinda cheesy but he makes my life complete. Many people have said I could never do what you do because my husband and I need each other too much. Well, we do too, but we just do what we gotta do. Besides even though it stinks....there is no other feeling like your man coming home!!! So while sea duty is taxing, it also is a time where at some moments I get to feel like a newly wed again, and that giddy wonderful feeling shared with my best friend is awesome!
So that is all that is going on here. I hope you all are doing well and enjoy the few photos I added!
Much love from The Newcomb Family!

Trey 2 months



Daddy Shirts- yah Jax isn't swallowed up in there at all :D

Yummy Dinner!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your pics--your children are all beautiful, look like their mommy and daddy. Your and Faith's haircuts are adorable. I pray that the time that your husband is away will go quickly for you all. The food you prepared looks very yummy!

With love,
Teresa Olsen

Janinne Broxton said...

Thank you so much for your sacrifice. I know what you mean that you aren't complete without your husband around. Praying for you that the time passes quickly. Love your hair!! Love you all!

Mcarthur Mile said...

Good to see you guys! well through pics anyways. I am hoping to be back from Idaho soon and come see all of you. Love the hair cuts! Miss you all.

Jenny B. said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I love the hair cuts! Yours looks beautiful. And your supper looks yummy! Hoping the time flies for you!