Friday, March 28, 2008

Things we have acclomplished in WA so far...

Well completely moving in isn't on our list yet.  We still have the dreaded spare bedroom full of boxes, office supplies, electronics we no longer want, clothes we need to get rid of, and I'm pretty sure I saw Amelia Earhart's missing plane in there.  And we only have a week and a half until my parents(Tommy) get here.  So next Saturday we will no doubt be in full on panic mode trying to finish up that room.  While this is not the actual room it's close to the real deal.  So it will be a happy day in our house when we get that all cleaned up and officially be moved in.

Moving on, we have managed to find a GREAT church in the short time we have been here.  The Lord has blessed us with churches everywhere we have been so far and Washington has been no different.  It took us a few weeks to figure out where the Lord would have us but when we finally prayed enough He showed us right where he wanted us.  It seems like we have already made some really great friends there in just a short amount of time.  And we are already teaching the 4/5/6 yr olds and that has been good so far.  I am more of an Older kid kind of person like jr. high and teens but I'm learning to teach and interact with the smaller kids thanks to some good training from my lovely wife, Ape. (That's for you Jenny!)  
Like I already mentioned we have met some great people and we got to be close to our already good friends Mike and Jontal who managed to make the Hawaii, Maine, Washington trip also.  One of the couples we have started hanging out with are the Savages.  Now contrary to what their name would have you believe, they are great people and they have allowed us to tag along with them to many places like the Point Defiance Zoo,

Snoqualmie Falls

and the Animal Park (pretty sure we still have yak slobber on our window from this guy)

Which if you have never been to the animal park in Sequim you definetly need to make th trek up there! Good times, just watch out for the buffalos. (right April?)   Thanks to Tom and Amanda for those great pictures too!  If they keep treating us so good we will invite ourselves to their house more often, so be careful!

Well I better wrap this one up before you fall asleep on your keyboards. (I'm assuming that maybe more than one person will read this.)  We are happy to be here and glad that we have been allowed to see things we never imagined.  



Jenny said...

Great post! Ooohhh, I hope you get your room done with as little stress as possible! Try not to put it off, you'll be hating yourself next Saturday at 4 am while finishing it up! We are so glad to have you at our church! So.... do many people call you Ape? Good thing you don't have our last name, huh! LOL

Amanda said...

You may invite yourselves anytime. We had a great time watching the buffalo licking your car not to mention the yacks and lamas!

I am truly blessed said...

Hey there. I havent gotten to meet you guys yet....being on bedrest the end of this last pregnancy and then I got a pretty bad infection after baby was born. So much at church has changed since I have been gone. I am soo looking forward to being able to come back and see everyone...and the new faces around. Are you going to be able to go to ladies retreat?? If so, maybe we will be able to get to know eachother there. I am really hoping to be able to go. But I saw your blog off of Jennys and just wanted to say hi.