Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Ape?

So, some have been wanting to know why I let people call me Ape and how it came about?  Okay first thing is first, it does not come from my ancestors.  I believe they all walked on two feet and were fully human, not primates.  
When I was young my mom bought me everything purple.  I believe back then there was a cartoon called "Grape Ape".  Yah.  It just kinda caught and never went away.  Somewhere along the way I lost the grape part.....fabulous!!!  To tell you the truth I never really liked purple that much after that.  I am slowly starting to like it again.  Anyhow, My sister Lisa was LeeLee, Stephanie was Stephy, and Bethany Jade was BJ, and my brother Phillip Andrew is Drew......So I guess the only way to shorten April was to drop the RIL and add an E.  I dunno.  I do wish someone could be more creative though.  After all, it is not a very flattering nickname. I only let family and close friends call me that so consider yourself privileged

On another note, we had a great day at church yesterday.  Sunday morning we taught the 3-6 year old class.  Though we felt a little unprepared compared to last time.  I think we missed the mark.  The kids were so ancy and I don't know if they learned much other than the words HOLY HOLY HOLY which is in our memory verse.  I think, and correct me if I am wrong honey, but I think Tommy is having a bit of an adjusting time.  We went from teaching youth in Maine to 3-6 years olds.  I am just not sure we are simplifying it enough for their age....or maybe it would just be getting some flannel graph to keep their attention better.  When I taught 3&4 year olds back years ago...I use to set their chairs in a semi circle around the flannel graph board, so that no one was a few rows back thinking they could goof off.  They were all on the front row.  I am not sure what to do with that.  I welcome the ideas and feedback as some of your kids were with us on Sunday and some of you have observed the class.  

We went to pastors house last night after church and anyone who goes there knows there is no such thing as an early night.  We are a bit exhausted today and poor Tommy had 3 hours of sleep before going off to work.  But we are feeling very uplifted from services last night and the kids program, which was just great.  So to all have a blessed day! -April

P.S. I had to add a picture of my beautiful blessings.  One of which, is so worn out, she, is still sleeping and it is 10am.  :)


Amanda said...

I love that picture faith is so cute! We had so much fun that day. I can't wait till you guys come up next week!

Jenny said...

Awww... what a great story! I'm glad I caught it this time before it disappeared! I think it's a great nickname. I have no good ideas about teaching the little's not something I have a lot of experience in. Yes, late nights at Pastor's house are fun! We had a family over tonight (Mon) for a big dinner and are having a different one over on Wed night after church for some snacks and games. Fellowshipping is such a blessing. We need to have you guys over soon! How cool that Tommy taught the youth...does that mean teens? Dan has always served in the music capacity. Oh...and we (I) don't really know how often you check my blog... I rarely check my sitemeter and there are many visitors from you town so I don't know who is who. :) I check often's fun!

Tom & Ape said...

Hehe, well that is good. Yes, Tommy & I taught the teens. We keep in touch with them they are so sweet young people. We would love to fellowship with you all sometime and get to know you better. We have a small apartment, so usually we just end up inviting couples or one family at a time, so maybe we can have you over in the near future after the in-laws visit. They come a week from today.

One Happy Family said...

"Hey Dad . . . you might wanna clean your ears." I can just hear her thinking.