Wednesday, April 16, 2008

See ya later alligator!

Well the in-laws have come and gone. We had a great time while the in-laws were in. Tom & Amanda welcomed them into their home and their kids into their hearts. I have to say my daughter is spoiled rotten and it may take some time to get her use to not being held or walked around constantly. She is hardly content on the floor anymore.
I picked her up from nursery on Sunday and they said she was good except she cried every time she fell. I was like "what do you mean-when she fell????" They said Oh yah she was pulling herself up on everything. My heart dropped to the floor. She just started crawling now she is pulling herself up within a week of starting to crawl????? I am not ready for this!!! It is all happening way to fast.
Anyhow, I am one of the few that can say I enjoy my mother in law very much and was very sad to see her go yesterday. I wish her visit was longer. I have put quite a few pics on here from their visit. I am a little sad today knowing they are gone, but we will see them again in a few months. It makes me miss my own parents. The last time they saw Faith she was 3 months old and they won't see her until then she will probably be walking at the rate she is going now. How sad! Oh well, hope you all have a wonderful day.


Jenny said...

That is a great pic of you guys, the one at the bottom! You look so pretty in it, April! How blessed to have a great relationship with your mother in law, I have a really great one with mine too, she is a gem. I hope faith doesn't learn to walk in this week too!! Boy, she is learning it all fast!

Amanda said...

We had such a great time with your parents. Can't wait till we go to Texas with you guys. All the pictures are great.

One Happy Family said...

Hey . . . count us in on that trip to Texas! You won't even notice we're there! What's five additional kids, two adults, and a grouchy dog? (Big smile on my face)

Josh and Cindee said...

I love the picture of Faith and her daddy. It looks like she's whispering in his ear. She's such a sweet, happy baby! Hey, where's our invite to Texas?!?