Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What A Mommy Day!!!

So there we are.......Amanda and I decide we are going shopping, because my wonderful husband decides I can go spend some money on myself.  We are headed to the Super Mall, and we think we are going to get an early start.  So we leave my house at about 9:30.  Everything is going great, and we decide we will stop at McDonalds in Gig Harbor for a drink.  Well, Austin had been feeling a little queazy on their way from Sequim, but seemed to be doing pretty good by now.  We order the kids a little something for breakfast too.  We get going again...traffics great!   We are going to get some good shopping in.  So there we are in Tacoma, and making great time when Austin says "Mom I think you need to drive slower."  Amanda replies, "Austin, honey, I am on the highway....I can't go too slow, we will get ran over."  Amanda tells me at this point to hand him a McDonald's bag (they had already stopped and got a bucket at the Rhodes on the way to Port Orchard, but it was in the trunk...thinking it wasn't needed).........Now Austin is starting to cry a little cause his tummy hurts..........we know it's coming.  Amanda starts maneuvering over trying to get somewhere we can pull over....when Austin says"Mom, I realy don't feel so...................."  Yep! Thats right their new car finally got broken in!!!! It was everywhere.  Needless to say a McDonalds bag is not durable enough to put up with stomach acid.  All I could think is this point is "Lord, please do not let that be projectile!" ........because of course Austin was sitting right behind me.  As this is going on, and Amanda is trying to pull over, Becky is sitting beside Austin in the middle of the car holding her nose, and Faith's. Haha!  What better way to become closer to someone-cleaning up their child's puke. Hehe.  We found somewhere to pul off, and luckily Amanda had Clorox wipes in her trunk, because the smell was awful!  We got up everything we could, and trying to make Austin feel better.  He is embarassed at this point and worries that his mom and dad are so mad at him because he threw up in their car.  I am laughing the whole time and telling Amanda that it just happens...no big deal!  So after wiping everything as thoroughly as possible we get back in and finish our 20 minute journey.....deciding we made it this far we are not turning around unless it happens again.  So, we made it to a wal-mart by the Super Mall and get carpet cleaner to scrub the carpeted floors, and some febreeze to help with the smell.  

We get to the mall and start looking around.....making Austin carry the bucket, that we wish was not in the trunk at the earlier time.  I tell Amanda I gotta go change Faith and I will be right back, so she decided to browse!  I get to the bathroom taking Faith's diaper off and the little one who has not gone #2 in 3 days decides this is the time to go.  HAHA why not?  I had her diaper off wiping her booty and she starts.  I am thrilled because I was worried about it, so its coming but very slowly. I get in my bag and grab my thermometer and help her out.  So after this 20 minute ordeal I walk out and Amanda is waiting and I just smile and throw my arms up.  I was determined to find an outfit for my sister's wedding.(In june! I am leaving a week from today and will be TX for a month).  Anyhow, we kept on trekking....all the while laughing at the mommy day we were having.  It was definitely a memorable trip...and with Faith not plugged up we stopped another time for another dirty diaper and a few times in a dressing room with Austin holding a bucket thinking he was going to vomit again.  After a few hours we got back in the car and headed home, and it wasn't too long before the kids were all out in the back seat and we were content.....other than smelling the rancid smell that had permeated while we were shopping!!!! HAHA. What a day!
Lucky for you we didn't have the camera ...so sorry no pics!


Amanda said...

What is so great about this is it's all true!!! My poor Austin he really was so sick

I am truly blessed said...

Oh...you are better women than I am.....I would have probably been speeding to get home.....I cant take the smell or sight of pukies.....eeeew. I can do ANYTHING else....but the puking.....I only do it when I have to...which thankfully my kids dont get sick like that very often. How did I ever make it as a nurse...dont know!! Hope ya gals found what you were looking for at the mall. Your little guy doing better now?!?!?

Jenny said...

Oh man... I hate cleaning up vomit too! I would rather clean up anything else. Nothing smells as bad as that. I hope you can get the smell out! Years ago, Josiah threw up a ton of cheddar cheese. So gross. I hope you can find a dress for your sister's wedding!