Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello from TEXAS

Hi all. Oh how I miss all of you in Washington. It is really hot here, most days reaching the 100s. I heard you all have been having great fun without me.....oh well I guess the world doesn't revolve around me after all!! haha. Well, Faith has been adjusting okay but I do have to say she has been fussy. I noticed last week she was drooling more and more. Everyday I felt her gums....and Wednesday I think it was I felt a tooth. She not only broke one but two teeth through. ahhhh! how crazy is that. So this sad mommy is knowing her daughter is growing up way too fast and she turned 9 months old last week too. :( I don't think I can handle this. Just Kidding, I can, I just miss my hubby very very much. I have not missed him this much since he use to go on deployments. I am glad to hear he is fairing well and that he is being taken care of by you. I also hear Chopper has worked his way into the hearts of a few of you. He really is a great dag and I am so thankful to have friends willing to help us out by watching him. On to other things..............my little brother graduated high school as validictorian and I am so proud of him even if some may say it was easy because his graduating class only had 188 compared to mine which had over 800. Hehe. We are looking forward to Tommy coming Friday and then on to my sisters wedding. Pray for God's will there if you would. I have no way of knowing what God has for her. I just know a marriage should not be entered into lightly and only want the best for her. Other than that I miss you guys and can't wait to get home. God Bless!


One Happy Family said...

Miss you too . . . .and Tommy looks like a lost little puppy dog without you and Faith being home. Can't wait to see you!

Jenny said...

We miss you too!! When are you coming back?? Oh, you must miss your husband so bad... I can't imagine that part! I can't believe baby faith is 9 months old now! I keep thinking of her as a little 4 month old! That's amazing that your brother was validictorian, what an accomplishment! That is no easy task to pull off! Congrats to him! Well, we miss you and can't wait till you get back. BTW ~ it's been cool and refreshing here, so hurry home! :)

Amanda said...

I miss you. I know your having a great time. I can't believe you get to enjoy all that sun shine. Hoopefully we get some soon.