Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well after a short ten months here in this world our girl has reached another milestone.  After months of intense training and much prodding from her parents she has become a certified walker.  That's right people.  She took her first unassisted steps yesterday.  Here is an ok snapshot from my camera phone:

She got 4 shots (2 in each thigh) yesterday, so who knew she would start walking?  Her momma saw her crawl into our bedroom from the living room so she called out "Faith! What are you doing?"  And then the little sneakster comes strolling out on her two little legs.  OK, maybe it was more like jerkily walking than strolling but you get the idea.  April yelled, "What are you doing?!" when she saw her walking and Faith immediately sat down down more than likely thinking "Oh poo!  They know I can walk now!"  We got her to walk back and forth to us a few more times before making all the calls to grandparents.  We're glad she is growing up but man, she could definitely take her time a little bit more. :)


Jenny said...

How exciting!! She is growing up quick!

Jenny B.

Josh and Cindee said...

Okay so this must be an indication that it's time for a big brother or sister in the making. :) You have a seriously cutie pie on your hands.