Friday, October 24, 2008

25 Reasons

Well, a few years ago I was listening to a marriage series from our pastor in Hawaii and one of the suggestions for the week was to write down at least 25 reasons you can think of that you love your spouse.  So I sat and started writing thinking ..... I don't really know how many I can come up with?  Not because there are not many reasons I love Tommy but because I was thinking generally rather than specifics.  Well, it turns out I started writing and started thinking of every little and big reason I love him and came up with over 150 in an hour.  I found this the other day.  I use to keep it on the fridge to look at every day, and maybe I will again(or at least somewhere I can see it).  It is always good to look at when you are having one of those crazy moody days.  Most of the time I find that he is not the problem usually it is just me and my moods.  I thought I would share this with you all....well some of them anyways.
I love Tommy:
 because he loves me,  loves God, because he knows me and still loves me, because he puts up with me(moods and all), he is patient with me, he is witty, gives me back rubs, works hard, complains very little, is so cute when he is concentrating really hard, he is always there for me, never picks out my faults, always there for me, thinks I am beautiful, is my other half, makes me laugh constantly, use to have a special place for me in his old F150 when we were teenagers(he only let me sit), loves me like no one else, tries to always please me, plays truth or dare with me at the oddest times, is goofy, dances with me in the kitchen, makes me yummy french toast on occasion, God made him for me, loves my family, loves his family, prays with me, reads the bible with me, loves me for me, gets my sense of humor, takes REALLY good care of me when I am sick, helps with house work, loves to experiment with cooking, loves church, loves to give, loyal, always tells me he loves me on phone throughout day, kisses me bye every morning, has a contagious laugh, doesn't stress easily, long-suffering, beautiful eyes, great smile, asks my opinion on everything, gives me his coat when I am cold, makes me feel special, plays cards with me, looks at me with so much love, tries to figure me out, good man, honest with me, good husband, good father, great personality, puts his arm around me a lot, holds my hand all the time, super smart, loves to spend time with me, the BEST secret keeper I know, loves people, has whip cream wars with me, cherishes me, wrote songs for me, hugs me a lot, prefers to be with me over everyone, makes my heart jump, my best friend, he reminds me to have faith in God when I need the reminder, lights up my life, laughs at me being silly, he cleans out the sink after he shaves because he knows its my pet peeve, always puts the toilet seat down, loves to cuddle with me, looks at me sometimes like there is nothing better in the world to see, thinks I am important, gives me courage, I am not the same when he is not with me, he is devoted to me, he trusts me, makes me smile when I am trying to be mad, serves his country, he is good at steadily and lovingly disciplining Faith, he knows my secrets, God gave him to me, and most of all he never stops loving me.

Those are just a few of the reasons on my list.  Most of all I just wanted to say I really love my husband and I am so thankful God gave him to me.  He is so wonderful & did I mention hilarious!!!


Jenny said...

Love it!! LOVE the pictures, they have me laughing out loud!! I also love making posts like this... it's great to remember all the reasons why we love our spouse, ... to remind us of all that they do, and often, the bad they do NOT do. What a blessing that God had these wonderful husbands planned out for us so long ago! Again, LOVE the last photo.

shyestviolet said...

you're going to laugh at this one: I have an EXACT replica of the last photo you posted, only with march and I. must be a navy thing. funny :)

Tom and April said...

Thats hilarious. What are we gonna do with these guys??? :)

Anonymous said...

That was sooo sweet! You are right, usually the negative is when we are having a "moody" moment! The two of you are so cute, and I am so glad the Lord brought you here!!! But, I am sorry to say, I have the greatest hubby in all the world ;)

-Emily Houston

Tom and April said...

THank you. LOL. Well I am glad we came too. We really love it here and I will just have to agree to disagree on the greatest hubby comment ;) NO offense pastor! hehe.