Monday, October 20, 2008

Time Away

I wanted to share our weekend with you all.  I have been really tense lately and just hmmmm..I don't quite know.  On Friday morning I was talking to a friend and she said that we need to get away as a family now and then...just by ourselves(we usually plan our vacay and it is always to see family..then we are rushing around to see everyone-not really relaxing).  I was thinking she was right and mentioned it to Tommy.  Since we have had Faith we never just go somewhere spontaneously.  Anyhow, Tommy got home at about 1 on Friday and basically said pack we are leaving.  I was like okay and a little shocked, because I wasn't expecting him to say lets just go now.  Well, we left at about 3 and headed off for Anacortes in the San Juan Islands.  His plan was to take me on  a whale watching cruise.  I have always wanted to go because I am fascinated by Orcas.  Anyhow Saturday we went on the cruise and it lasted most of the day.  Sadly enough we didn't see any orcas but we saw a few minke whales, a variety of birds, and some sea lions. It was a little hard with Faith because she could not walk around and get energy out (not to mention she ran a high fever all weekend).  It was still a great time.  She did really well considering.  After the cruise we were just going to come home, but we were exhausted so we went to Whidby Island and stayed at the hotel on base.  Tommy even got us a suite that they reserve for higher ranks.  It was really nice.  I just enjoy seeing my husband being spontaneous again, it was great!  So, we had a wonderful and Very relaxing weekend.  We didn't get back until yesterday afternoon and Faith's temp was still high....we have been rotating tylenol and motrin.  At the moment she is taking a nap and her temp seems to be receding.  Anyhow, I am so glad we did this.  Though, with all our sick lately I have to say I miss you all.  Hope you enjoy the pics. Although I do hope we can get away as a couple sometime in the near future because we have not done an overnight without Faith yet. Enjoy the pics.

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Jenny said...

UM.... WOW... YOUR CAMERA IS AWSOME! Love the pics... at first I was like, "Theare aren't theirs... they're playing a joke!".. because the photos were amazing... but then I remembered you got a new camera!! Woo hoo for new cameras!! I'm beginning to consider getting a new one myself... but then again at the same time... if it ain't broke- you know the rest. I think I'll sit tight with my Sony and wait patiently for it to kick the bucket. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Newcomb family had a fantastic time! Vacations are awesome (even if they are mini!)Next time I hope to see more of April than her nose!! :) Those are great pictures.

-Emily H.

becky said...

How wonderful that you guys were able to get away for a bit. I hope Faith is doing better this's just horrible when our little ones are sick. We'd like you all to come for dinner on Friday if you can...I'll talk to you more on Wednesday.