Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Mile In Daddy's Shoes!

If only she could walk a mile, or even a step for that matter, in her daddy's shoes she would see there is plenty of time for growing up.  She would realize being a kid as long as you can is a great privilege and should be enjoyed. That paying bills, driving cars, and staying up late isn't so fun after all.  She would see it is long days of always doing what people tell you to because you always work for someone, that daddy's boots are significant because daddy's job though small and tasking to him, is of great importance to this country.  That life isn't easy.  That people change, things changes, and people grow apart.  She would see a world driven by vanity, rather than fun discoveries each new day, as she does now.  But she would be thankful for her youth and enjoy it, and hopefully not rush to grow up too fast.  She would be thankful for she would see the love and faithfulness of God just by creating her.  She would see His mercy, grace, kindness, forgiveness, and His salvation.  Sometimes the thought of her growing up just breaks my heart, but the possibilities also excite me beyond measure.  I know my God is faithful and I trust He will bring her to Him.  But for now I will rest content that she cannot yet walk in daddy's shoes and love the thrill she gets from just standing in them.


Anonymous said...

That is too precious! And oh so true! Our children grow too quickly, and though we are sad that the yesterdays are mere memories, it truly is an exciting thing to see your young "woman" ministering to others and loving the Lord. It is a very sobering thought that one day my little women will leave us, my hope and prayers are that they will be prepared for such a day. Enjoy your little Faith, she is truly a blessing! And thank you for your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Your words were very touching to me. Our children do grow quickly, so enjoy every moment. The Lord is good and I am so thankful for all of those special and even the not so special moments i've had with my children. How awesome God is to allow me to be a mother, to have a part in the lives of 4 children. (one in heaven )WOW! Your blog has been a blessing to me. Thank you!


Hazel Eye Beauty said...

she looks so cute in those big boots! Your story reminds me of how young my kiddos once were, and how quickly they have grown. It also reminded me of how much my husband missed being away at sea over these past 17 years, and the sacrifices we as a Navy family have made, but I wouldnt change a thing, because in his absensce, he was serving our country and giving other families much more than we were losing! In retrospect, charish every moment you have together, and every waking hour of Faith's life, because before you know it, she will be 19 and making plans for her future! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving

Jenny B. said...

Too cute! I love how her cute curly hair is really growing! It's great when you have the foresight to record precious moments such as these!