Monday, November 17, 2008

Thankful for Faith!

Well, what a blessing that everyone in our church seems to be getting pregnant lately.  I hope to join the bandwagon soon, but thinking of all of it made me really think ...yet truely thankful I am to have Faith.  She is such a blessing in so many ways to us daily.  She has such a sweet spirit and is such a joy to have around!  I think back to the time when the doctors had said that I would not have a baby if we relied on the power of prayer and faith in God!  So in more than one way today, and this Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I am thankful for Faith.
So we just wanted to share some recent pictures of our little blessing that the Lord has seen fit to give to us.

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Anonymous said...

Well, from the rumors, you and I are both on the band wagon!! ha ha! Faith is such a sweetie, much to be thankful for!! and I LOVE your new background!!!!


Tom and April said...

Thanks...yah I know we gotta make those rumors true...maybe spring! ;)

Jenny said... sweet! I would love to see some of those photos posted on your blog! They are so small on the scrapbook pages... there was some great ones with awesome lighting! Like the one of you and Faith with your faces close... and especially the one of Tommy with her on his shoulders...that one looked awesome! But what in the world are you stanging next to in that one photo... I can't tell if it's a statue or a sasquatch! LOL! Oh my... I hope it's not actually Tommy and my laptop screen just doesn't show it clear enough... please forgive me if it is. :) You need to share more of those awesome photos with your great new camera!

tommy said...

Jenny, you know you can click on the pics and enlarge them, right? If not, there you go! :)

Anonymous said...

Anytime but February! PLEASE!!!! ;)
6 of 9 are in the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Me again

Jenny said...

Tommy, what?! No... I can't! :(

I tried multiple times to click on them! I'm talking about the photos in a smilebox slideshow...I have never been able to enlarge them. Can you!?? When I click on the "scrapbook" that you made, it opens in a new window... but the "scrapbook" is not very large... it's hard to see! Then, I can click on the arrows to turn the pages, but I can't click on any photos to see them larger. THAT would be awesome if I could.

What about you? Isn't this how it works for you?

tommy said...

No, I pause the show and click on the pics and it enlarges. the pic comes up and takes up the whole little space

tommy said...

thats gotta hit the puase button to enlarge the pics

Hazel Eye Beauty said...

April, love the pics, especially the one in the little skirt you made her on the back page! I remember us in nursery one time when we both shared our special stories about our "Faith" girls! That was a sweet moment. Love your background too... what is it with everyone getting a jump start on this Christmas thing? lol

One Happy Family said...

Ohhhh . . so cute. She is truly a blessing. She has a wonderful personality - just like April's. Can't wait to see you on Thursday.