Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update Photos from the Newcomb gallery

Okay.  Well it seems we can get on our computer now every once in a while.  So I thought I would try to get a quick post up.  I am just doing a slideshow of pics.  Most are for family and my parents since they will include quite a few from when my parents visited.  I hope you enjoy and I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day.  I know most of you are sick of snow but since it doesn't stay around like it does in Maine. I love it.  Especially when it is fresh and clean.  There is something so pure and peaceful about it.  Hmmm......just like when God washes us white as snow with his forgiveness....it covers up all the flaws even though they are still there.  We will never be perfect but in God's eyes we are covered..as white as snow.  Well I hope you are enjoying it!

 Well my slideshow isn't working so here are some pics.

Faith enjoying her new desk from Granna & Papa
I think she liked the box too.
Her new toddler bed my dad made her...we still have to stain it!
She also got a kids MP3 player can you say spoiled!
Enjoying her bubble bath!
All dressed up for church..can I take my bear?
silly girl...I love this pic!
Faith and Chopper begging for food from Granna
Granna, Papa, & Faith
Papa and Faith give finger kisses it is a papa thing
I think she is picking her nose but man does she make it look cute!haha
Just some photos I love

This is the shirt papa and granna brought her from Texas
New love for laundry baskets..I can't keep the clothes folded.
Daddy chasing Faith
Faith enjoying BBQ sandwich ...mm..daddy's bbq
Sitting in the window today watching the snow fall...gotta love that personality


shyestviolet said...

what a cutie patoot :)

Josh and Cindee said...

Awww...these pics are great. Faith's a sweet girl. Can't get over her curly locks. She is blessed to have those! Hope you get your computer figured out soon.

Amanda said...

I just love that baby of yours... Her in the window is adorable!! I bet you miss your parents.. Love ya

Jenny B. said...

Glad to see you are up and running again! I will second Cindee's comment on Faith's little curls--how cute! I especially love the picture of her and Chopper "begging" for food. Too cute!

Hazel Eye Beauty said...

She is growing up so fast! What a beautiful lil gal!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Love all your pictures! Rememebr in Hawaii before we all moved you would always ask me and wonder what your little girl would look like, She is beautiful, did you ever think she'd be that pretty???? Love ya!