Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things I love- Challenge

So... April G. posted a challenge on her blog for those who were willing to do it. You are to list the things that you love/like.

The rules:
1. Don't list the obvious: church, salvation, family, etc.
2. No particular order. No limit to number.
3. Don't list thinking of other's reactions. Be honest.

Things that give me great joy and/or LOVE:

1. I love Hawaii...everything about it the smells, the waves, the beach, the mountains, whale season, trade winds, the temperature, the rainbows, snorkeling,  ect. ect.

2. I love sitting with a nice cup of coco or coffee and watching the snow fall.

3. I love the smell of freshly baked bread

4. I love listening to Tommy read to Faith

5. I love hearing Faith and Tommy laugh.

6. I love traveling.

7. I love sitting with friends and playing games until all hours of the night.

8. I love when it is breezy and I can open all the windows for a nice air out of the house.

9. I love reading my bible and seeing what God has for me to learn.

10.  I love when Tommy is all clean and dressed up and wearing cologne.

11.  I love cleaning the whole house, laundry done, shower and shaved legs, and then getting in the bed with clean sheets.

12. I love helping people it is fun for me.

13. I love when a submarine carrying my husband has been gone six months and I see it pulling up to the peir.

13. I love the days following my husbands deployment returns..they are so sweet.

14. I love reading a good book on a bitterly cold day.

15. I love warm sunny days. 

16. I love the water...oceans, lakes, pools...I just love it.

17. I love seeing sea life....I could spend everyday at sea world and be content :)

18. I love getting pedicures.

19. I love the smell of baby breath

20. I love having a lazy day with just Tommy where we just are together

21. I love bible studies with close friends that you can open up to.

22. I love fellowship with church family.

23. I love hearing sermons that impact my thinking permanently

24. I love to watch Pride and Prejudice :)

25. I love getting back massages from Tommy.

26. I love missions trips.

27. I love when the Lord gives me exactly what I need, whether a scripture just comes to mind, or a friend that thought she needed help and I need to hear what she had to say, or reading in His word what I need, or a message that hits home....whatever it may be it is always refreshing to know He is still speaking to me even when sometimes I am not trying to hear Him.

28. I love the feel of a newborn baby in my arms.

29. I love that I see miracles from the Lord everyday.

30. I love sitting and reflecting and thinking alone.

31. And I am with Charrissa on this one...I Love Christmas..the smells, music, celebration, sights, ALL OF IT!!!

32. I love suprises

33. I love shopping when I am bored

34.I love to sleep.

35. I love to watch Little House (I never did until I got pregnant with Faith now I am addicted to it).

I know there are many more but these are the ones that came to mind this morning!


Tom and April said...

OH yah I forgot to tell you all how much I love love love pizza

Jenny said...

Haha, I love pizza too! I loved reading your list, I need to make mine. I also love going to bed with the whole house clean! Such a wonderful feeling. I also love the water! I have yet to get a real pedicure... I gave many of them while in beauty school, but I should really get one this summer. I loved reading your list, it's so fun to get to know people better through these things!!