Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feeding the Ducks...I mean Seagulls!

I have so many pictures to share I don't know really where to start. I guess for now I will go with the things that are fresh in my mind. Recently we took Faith to the park downtown PO and wanted to feed the ducks, as there are many around. It did not take us long to find out how skittish these guys were especially when the bread came out and the seagulls swarmed in! So needless to say we fed the seagulls instead. Faith didn't mind either way. She loved the birds being all around her. I, however, let Tommy and Faith do most of the feeding as I did not want to be ehh..."dropped" on. HEHE. Faith loved it. Here are some pics from that day!


Jenny said...

Great Photos!! Love the ones of the seagull alone, and also the one where it looks like they're all storming Tommy! I don't think we have ever been to that part. I still get lost in that town. :S Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Can't wait to see the next set!

Jenny said...

Hi! Yes, I do own Sense and Sensibility.. but I believe it is on VHS. Do you still have a VCR? :) Some people don't these days! I love that movie. You can borrow it anytime.