Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Faith Ghost

Faith has found out that she enjoys jumping off the couch lately. Not that Daddy would ever encourage such an act, but I happen to have had my camera handy when she was doing this one day. I then decided to slow down the shutter speed to see what would happen and it actually turned out kind of cool.

Here is a couple of normal shots:

I love the ho-hum, cool as ice look on her face as she jumps.

Here is one where the speed is slightly slowed down. I think that's the most emotion she had. You can see where her legs landed at the bottom right of the picture.

Here is a good "ghost" shot:

I love this one. With the dog staring at her, the non-emotional look on her face, and "hovering" over the couch it makes for a good ghost shot. Apparently ghosts are suckers for peanut-butter cups.


Amanda said...

Her hair is so funny! Very cute!

Jenny B. said...

Fun! You are totally right. I must say, if you have to have a ghost living with you, a little girl one is probably about the best you could get. :)

Jenny said...

Wow.. that is so neat! I have never tried slowing down the shutter for an indoor action shot like that! Such a cool idea. They did turn out great... amazing how you could see through her! I LOVE the emotionless look! :)