Friday, October 9, 2009

A Privilege to Help!

Not too long ago we had the privilege of heading to Seattle on the ferry and then on to Whidby Island to help the Hands get back home. The trip was such a joy for many reasons. One, we got word that baby Justus was doing well and would soon be out of the hospital. Two, we got to visit with the Hands just a little longer, and lastly we were able to take our time returning from Whidby as a family. It was such beautiful weather and I just wanted to share some photos of that wonderful weekend. The weekend was so full of God's sufficiency and grace, in so many ways! I hope you can enjoy the pics and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

Faith had a blast riding on the ferry, as always!

The view of Seattle coming in from the ferry!
This was at the naval base at Whidby Island!
Faith and mama!
Again on the was so beautiful out!
Faith didn't know what to think of so much sun and wind...the expression alone tells that :)
Daddy and Faith watching the planes take off.
This was taken from the car, another view off the island on the way to the Port Townsend Ferry
They were having some kind of kite flying day at was neat to see all of them.

Leaving Whidby and headed back to Port Townsend then home!


Jenny said...

Great photos! What a blessing that you were able to help them! 'Tis so true that it is more blessed to give than to receive! I'm so glad that you have a giving spirit like that. :) Your new blog look is so beautiful! I should maybe get a fall look...

shyestviolet said...

cuuuuute cute cute cute. :)

Chris and Jeanne' Broxton said...

love all the pictures!! my favorite is the one of you and faith--cute!!

Garth and Becky said...

The water is so beautiful. The picture of you and Faith is so cute and I love the one of both Tommy and Faith pointing at the planes.

Martha said...

In the pic with the tall grass Faith sure does look like her Grana Sheryl!

Jenny B. said...

Hey you, I want to see some pregnant lady pictures! :) Thanks for the great photos, too. :)

Mcarthur Mile said...

I miss you guys!! can't wait unitl next weekend to see you and your belly! Is Tommy going to retreat?