Friday, January 29, 2010

A Step Back

So I took a step back in time. Just wanted to share a few photos of Christmas here. We had a great Christmas. Faith was so excited to open her stocking and everything she took out of it she had to put on. The sunglasses, necklace, bracelets, hat, gloves, and of course she shows off her coffee mug. She loves Starbucks...she always gets a steamer with sugar free flavoring when we go through the drive thru. Anyhow, she got a leather chair to hang out in, which I got an awesome deal on. Everything else under the tree for her came from family. I added a photo towards the bottom of her in her black and red dress with accessories of course! And then lastly, we spent the evening with family and Faith woke up at 2 am and wondered down to say hi and cuddle with mama. I have a feeling the guys woke her up by playing the Wii, or it could have been us girls cracking up laughing at them!!! We had a wonderful dinner and went to a couple church families homes. It was a great Christmas.

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The Broxton's said...

she is SOOOO cute!!! and wow...she all ready loves starbucks at her age--she may want to get a job there when she is older to save on some money!! hehe!! I love starbucks too..! Moachas =)