Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well we have been back from Texas for a while now so I guess I should stop being so lame and update this blog with some pics! The first photos I am posting will be all from the time spent with my(April) parents. Their country house near Bandera, TX!

This is Faith at Granna and Papas in front of the cactus!

My brothers dog, who is about 12 years old..maybe older. Our poor "Bear"won't make it much longer!

Cooking with my great aunt Lil. She is Italian and taught me how to make her sauce and meatballs!

Beautiful Texas hill country sunset!

Faith feeding the ducks by the river in Bandera, TX!

Beautiful view of the river!

Faith and Daddy on a horse!

Jax and his great Grandpa!

Texas Beauty!

Faith, Jax and Papa on his tractor!

Jax hanging out

My mom's kitchen because I love it!

My(April) mom's house

And last but least for these photos. My worn out kiddos with their mama!

We had a great time spent with family and a wonderful time at the wedding. Most those pics are on FB. So next post will probably be on Texas pics from my in-laws area! Hopefully sooner than the last post :)


Jenny B. said...

Great pictures, love it! I love going home to visit family, and it looks like you are having a wonderful time visiting yours. Jaxson is a cutie! Love his big, dark eyes! Sweet babies you have. :)

Amanda said...

Oh that is one nice kitchen! I am so glad you guys enjoyed your time in Texas!

The Broxton's said...

nice pictures! beautiful pics of scenary! Love your mom's kitchen AND house--LOVE LOVE wrap around porches!

Mcarthur Mile said...

o yes i would LOVE to cook in that kitchen!! glad you enjoyed the warm weather....

Amanda said...

Hmmm.... You need to update.... You got some cute kiddos lets seem some pictures!