Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Haircut for Jax & Mommy

These are after shost!
These are before photos look how long his hair was!

Okay my poor son his hair is so cute and I have a hard time cutting it, but it was getting so long. About 2 weeks ago I gave him his first haircut from Mama and it was mommy's first boy haircut! So as nervous as I was that I would mess it up big time. It turned out alright. I cut an inch or so off the top and he still had tons left on top. I accidently cut his hair straight across by his ears because he is so wiggly. But its okay, though it did look a little chili-bowlish!! HAHA..poor kid! Anyhow here are some pics!


Emily's Posts said...

He's so cute. Good job!! You are braver than I!!

Mcarthur Mile said...

He is so cute that even if you do mess up we wont notice anyhoo.

Jenny B. said...

Cute! The funny thing is that Will has less hair than Jaxson LOST. ;) I was bald for quite some time and he is taking after me in that respect. BUT he is growing fuzzier, which is fun. Love the pics! Good job mama!

lily<3 ray<3 said...

awe so cute! my superman didn't loose his curl did he?