Friday, July 30, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

We recently had a family day at the Point Defiance Zoo. Faith loves going to the zoo and we always try to end it with a carousel ride! This is, of course one of her favorite things. The last time we went she got up the nerve to ride the camel with daddy. I will have to get pics of that up soon! Anyhow here are just a few photos from our family day. It was so nice. We really don't have family days often enough, especially as summer is such a busy season!
Faith thinks peacocks are for chasing!
This is an armadillo they were showing off. It was kinda cool, but I don't think I would wanna touch it. Yes! I am a Texan but these are usually roadkill!

Faith & Daddy checking out the Bison I believe, or reindeer!

Faith checking out the Walrus, she loves him. Mostly because he likes to show off more than any marine animal I have ever seen! He just loves attention!
Jaxson taking it all in :)
Faith asks to go see the seahorse first thing!
Oh how we love to see "Dori" at the zoo. Nemo too.
She takes after her mom really. Any marine animal she just loves!!! She says she wants to swim with the sharks!

We always have a great time at the zoo. Especially when we get to take Daddy with us. I love getting to do stuff with Tommy and have a family day!

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The Broxton's said...

Bud has that same outfit Jaxson does!! =)

Looks like you all had fun!!
I have been wanting to go to the Seattle Aquarium..just tyring to work out a day/time!