Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My crazy energectic answer to prayer!

So, since I rarely make the time to post, I thought I would do an overview update on my little girl and follow later in the week with one about Jaxson. But first, Faith- my crazy "little" two year old girl, soon to be three. She is fun loving, caring, energetic and so many more things I will describe in her Birthday post, but I had to share with you the following recent pictures of my free spirited little girl. MY Baby!(in a hurry not going to edit so excuse run-ons, and spelling)

She, despite being a mature two year old, still loves to eat dog food, and I will never know why...she loves it! Every once in a while I will find her feeding Chopper one out of the bowl and then taking one for herself. Silly girl! Tommy caught her this time and took the following pictures!

This the reason I call her free spirited-she likes to dress herself and she is daring a lot of the time. I found this to be one of her cuter outfist she made up of her clothes and of course you can not forget the cowboy boots! SHE LOVES THEM, and wants to wear them everywhere. She insisted on wearing this to the dentist last week. And how could I resist!!! She looked so darling!

She loves to help and is a huge blessing to me. This day she decided she wanted Jax in her babydoll stroller so that she could push him around and keep him content (as he is teething and been sick lately-so my normal content boy is not to be found as of late). But check out the smile she put on his face! So cute!

Now she is learning to share...sometimes I don't know if it is best but hey if she is willing to share I let this one slide when I saw it and we took pictures instead!

She was sharing her dum-dum with her brother. Sweet girl!

This is Faith insisting her and Jax take a nap together on the floor in the living room :) didn't happen! But it was cute seeing them snuggled together!

Then you have my crazy girl who once again dressed herself. She did good, but she love accessories. So thus you have a hat and strapy church sandals with shorts and pink shirt. She loves hats, purses, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, rings....anything girly! Oh my! I lover her to pieces she is too cute for words! I am a very blessed mommy!

Well, those are just a few moments with Faith that we have had lately. She is such a sweet & beautiful girl. Every time I see her, really sit and look at her, I remember what a blessing God gave me when He gave me her. She is my miracle baby! I love having her. May I always keep that reminder of God's grace and mercy in the fore-front of my mind, and remember always of God's FAITHfulness. His answers to prayer are far more beautiful to me than anything else.


Jenny B. said...

That girl has much more style than I! She does pretty good! I can't believe she is almost 3! She is turning into such a lovely little girl! Thanks for sharing your blessing!

The Broxton's said...

cute cute cute!! Love all the pics and love Crazy Free Spirited Faith-That is What makes Faith--Faith =)

Jocelyn said...

I can't believe how incredibly adorable she is...can't wait to read a little more about Jax and see some new pics. Miss you and love you!