Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My little Apple Jax!

Well my little Apple Jax is 8 months old. He is really small for his age, but he is cute a button. He is off and crawling. He still has no teeth, but he is ahead on his skills. He loves to be cuddled and just loves his mommy so much lately (he is a little attached). I can't say I don't enjoy it, as Faith was and is always so dependent. He is currently down with high fever and the stomach flu but will hopefully recover very soon. I love my kiddos and I took this post to share with you some recent pictures of my little Jax growing, a little to quickly, towards toddler hood. Enjoy.

He was so excited when he figured out how to crawl, at first he was scooting andpulling. Now he has the coordination al figured out, and he is on the go.

This is Jax with his Papa George. He loves papa and had lots of fun in Florida with him and Grana. I will post FL pics soon.

Jax wearing Woody's hat. Faith got a Woody doll for her birthday and Jax likes to chew on him.
Though Jax just started crawling a couple weeks ago, he is very eager to walk. His face lights up when you walk with him around the house. I have a feeling I am about to become a super busy mom-chasing this guy around!
This is Jax doing push ups :) He does them often. I think he is motivating daddy to get ready for Officer :) We will hopefully know about that soon. Right before or after the move to Connecticut.
Another thing Jax loves is food. He loves to eat-CONSTANTLY. He eats baby crackers lots of food, nurses and occasionally has formula for extra calories.

My two men. I love them both to pieces and they are both so handsome. Love them!

I just love my Jax all dressed up in church clothes. He is such a cute little man!

And the last little talent of Jax is he is such an escape artist. I am going to have to watch him closely he can get out of anything in a hurry!

We are preparing for a move to Connecticut. We must be there by November 14th. Which means we will leave Washington around the 1st of November. We are looking forward to this move, as we have prayed for God's guidance and timing on our next move, which we were not expecting until spring at least!!! So all though it was sudden, we are both at peace with it. We will greatly miss our family here in Washington. I am sad to be leaving such close friends that are like sisters, and aunts to my kiddos. But I know this is the Lord's plan! We always get excited about moving. As for any other questions - Tommy is still applying for officer in a few months. We hope no matter what happens that he gets excepted after we get there. The school is in Rhode Island for that and we will be about an hour away from where they would send him. So that would be nice. If he makes it before we move then he would go to school there for 12 weeks and we would stay here and not get to see him on weekends. So...thats the plan, unless the military changes their mind we are headed out of here in a little over a month and a half.


I am truly blessed said...

Oh I love those pictures. They grow so fast. He is sooo sweet. Looks a lot like Faith to me. Let me know if you guys need anything while he is sick. i wouldnt mind dropping anything off or helping if you needed it. Love you!!

Amanda said...

I haven't seen him crawl yet! Oh I bet it is so cute! I really like the picture of him and Tommy. He sure looks like his daddy!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! I miss you guys! I can't wait to see Jaxson finally! I know Asher is going to love being able to be around Faith again too. Can't wait for our move! Love you all, hugs and kisses to the kiddies!

Jenny B. said...

He is a cutie! Love the diaper pics, ESPECIALLY the push-up! That is awesome! ;) We're excited about you moving to our current coast and hope to see you while you are here! :)

Jenny said...

Oh my, he is SO adorable!! Seriously, one of the cutest babies ever... almost looks like a doll. :) Love the pics! My Josiah was always very small for his age also, and now he's so tall it makes me sad. Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures with us!