Saturday, October 30, 2010

Showers of Blessings!

There have been so many great things about Washington. I will truely miss it. It is gorgeous here,a nd feel priviliged to have had the opportunity to be stationed here. I also have got to see why my great grandmother talked often of this place. My great grandfather was stationed out here while in the army. Her two favorite spots were Washington and Germany!
What have I learned in Washington?
I have learned to love the fall.
I have learned to love the rainy days.
I have learned all the more how sweet fellowship with church family can be.
I have learned to love more like Christ(though I don't have that down quite yet:) unfortunately)
I have learned to serve others in the midst of circumstances surrounding me.
I have learned that my husband is way more knowledgable, understanding, and patient than I will ever be.
I have learned that the Lord has the victory!
I have learned that even though people can be good examples, they do not have all the answers.
I have learned to seek Christ and his leading far before any man.
I have learned that people love me and my family and have been shown that over and over.
I have learned so many more things. I could go on forever, but most have all I have learned ....

When I started off the week not looking forward to leaving and saying goodbyes, the Lord gave me so much. He has given me scripture all week to sustain me and encourage me. He has given me fellowship this week with so many people I Consider family.....Brownings, Savages,Patricia V., Dixons, McArthurs, Gambles, Moss', a hopeful visit to Lanskeys/Salings later or to see new baby, and then lunch with Lucas and Jessica and some of the Browning family tomorrow. How amazing to be shown day after day God's goodness and provision in love, friendship and support. We feel overwhelmed with love right now and will leave this place so full!!! We will have our last service at our church tomorrow morning and then from there will be seeing half of our neices and nephews and spending the evening with them.
All I can say is thank you Lord for your amazing love!

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Tom and April said...

There are many others we consider family to, I just didn't mention them all. It would take a long time.