Friday, January 7, 2011

My Jaxson pants!

Well, a week ago today my Jaxson pants, Jax, Apple Jax (whichever name you choose to use) turned one! Yes, that's right he was born on New Year's Eve. I am posting some pics from over the year. He is growing. He amy be small but he is packed full of energy, spunk and is very coordinated with his hands. He strives to be and do more than expected of him. He is full of smiles. If he makes you laugh he will do something over and over to keep you laughing(he might get that from his father). He is a joy and a blessing to have and I wouldn't trade his smile and laughter for anything. He has two teeth, he is standing on his own, and taking one steppers everywhere. More than that I wish you could see his hand coordination. Sometimes he amazes me with it. We had a great Christmas and celebrated Jaxson's birthday 3 times. Two times in Texas with each set of grandparents and one time in Boston with my great aunt and uncle, and cousin Betsy..who we consider great grandma and grandpa to our kids, and auntie Betsy. Thanks for taking the time to read about my precious son. I am anxious to see him grow up but also hope it goes by slow as to cherish the moments that I have with him. His clinging arms always ready to cuddle. He is my little monkey. Happy Birthday Jaxson pants!

OKay can't get Blogger to get these pics on so I will put my year in view pics on FB.!/profile.php?id=1283373242

Bah...issues. OKay no pics!


The Broxton's said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Jaxson!! I can not believe it!!!! Bud is 15 months this coming up tuesday!! Wish Jaxson was here so Bud & him can play!

Amanda said...

Okay it's time for an update with pictures!