Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a while!

Well, as always it has been a while since I have made the time to post. Much has happened. We are coming to the end of Tommy's C-School here in Connecticut. We have received orders,and will be moving back to Washington State. We have been praying for a while now that God would put us where He would want us and not where we want. We are SO happy to be returning to Washington, but also would have loved to return to Hawaii or stay here in CT. Connecticut has been wonderful. We have such a great church and have grown in ways that we didn't realize we needed. We have sat under some GOOD wait....AWESOME preaching. WE love our church and hate to leave our church family here. That is always one of the hardest parts.
On other news, we will be leaving with one more baby boy on the way. Due shortly after we get settled back in WA. We will also be, most likely, returning with our Amber. Most of you know or have heard of her a lot. She has decided to come try out Olympic College and move with us to WA. WE are very excited about this,as she is like another daughter to us, or a niece. Either way she is family and we are glad to have her.
What else??? Faith. We will be returning with a girl who has grown up quite a bit in the 10 months we have been gone from WA. She loves to sing bible songs, and loves to tell us what she learned from Sunday School, church service, and family devos. She is one smart little cookie. I am so proud to see her excited about the Lord and learning about Him. She also, loves to help and play with her brother. She will be turning 4 Aug.30th...we will probably be traveling. She is a huge help and so much fun to be around. She makes us laugh constantly. ***She asked her dad the other day if she could have a sloppy....(she meant Slurpee) haha!!
Jaxson, while he has not grown much in height :-) since we have been gone he has grown tremendously. He is already talking quite a bit and he is getting better every day. He is still clingy to Mama, and loves to be with me. He also love to wrestle with Daddy or climb on him while he is doing push-ups. He thinks it is a hilarious ride. Tommy on the other hand...well. It is hard with an extra 20lbs on your back. hehe. Jax is not walking everywhere he is running everywhere! HE loves to be busy or sit with mom, it is pretty much one or the other, no in between. He is now 18 months old and a light in my day. He makes me smile. His smile and laugh are contagious just like his dad. I do have to say as slow as he grows a lot of his clothes got their wear and I will have to do a little shopping for this new little one on the way!! :)
We look forward to being back in the Northwest even if the weather wont be as nice. We get to enjoy a wonderful summer here in CT with the beautiful sunshine and warmness. We have been going to the beach as much as we can and trying to soak up all the rays we can before returning. Although, I do have to say I miss the evergreens, and will be happy to see them again. Especially if we get snow this winter. There is nothing like snow swept evergreens...beautiful! Anyhow, we are also fellow shipping with our church family here and my family in Boston as much as we can before we move. I have been starting to organize clothes and go through them and get them in order in boxes. Other than that we have not been up to much but we expect to be in Washington sometime mid-September maybe a little later like around 20th or so. We are praying about a house to rent and looking. We have an option that might work out and we are just praying about it. IF it does work out it would be perfect for us, if not the Lord will provide something else. He always does. He is definitely faithful. So that is an update on us. I will post a slide show of a few recent pics and one pregnancy shot from Easter Sunday for Mary :-) Hope you all are doing great and for our WA family..see you soon!!!!


The Broxton's said...

How Exciting about everything!!!!
I knew God had a special plan for your family when he moved you to CT, Just like when my family moved to CT, there was A LOT of growth in every part of our lives! I Miss everyone there, I still stay in touch with A lot of friends (more like family) I hope to visit someday soon!

I was looking at your photos...I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW BIG JAX IS...And How much of a Young Lady Miss Faith looks like! wow!!!! Growing up so fast.

Will be praying for your transition back to the Beautiful North West, hopefully things go smooth!!

You MAY...even get to enjoy the 2 weeks of 'summer' when you arrive LOL usually its anywhere from turns...yucky & raining...and cold. =)

Jenny B. said...

Cool! Congrats on going back to WA state! It will be exciting to see what the Lord has in store for you there as you return. It's so funny for us to actually be where we are for 3 years. We are typically never anywhere longer than 2. So now at around the 1 year mark I feel like we should be looking at where we are going next, but we have a whole 2 years left! Military life is an adventure! Glad to hear you all got your orders! Thanks for sharing!

Mcarthur Mile said...

Faith's hair is so long! Can't wait to see you guys again. Luke is jealous of your road trip. He says you should eat your way across and tell us how it is.

Tom and April said...

LOL,. Mary. He should save money and fly back with Tommy after his October class back here in CT. So?? Tell us where is so good he would want to eat :) We will try it and let him know :) Can't wait to see you guys. LOL.

Garth and Becky said...

How very exciting that you are coming back this way!!! Can't wait to see you and the kiddos. Love you guys.