Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Overdue update!!

In no particular order, here are some photos from our cross country trip. Eventually I will post more. Well, if I don't get too caught up in taking care of a newborn any day now. We are super excited for baby number 3 to make his appearance and we are settling back here in Washington. We have a new church home that has been a huge blessing to us already. I could not have asked for better care when I got kidney stones just a couple weeks ago, and now with labor at my door any day now. Not to mention my mother in law was able to fly out and help me for a little over a week and that was a huge blessing as well. Looking forward to all God has for us here. Although, I am not looking forward to Tommy going out to sea again soon, but it is all part of the lifestyle and I am thankful the Lord has supplied him with a job. I am very proud of him, as he just hit his 10 year mark at the beginning of October. I feel blessed that we got the opportunity to see many cool things on our way back to WA this time. I cannot say we did our best at picture taking on the way but we took some.
I loved driving through the Rocky Mountains, and North Carolina was beautiful as well. Of course we had to go to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Oh and stopped in Mt. Vernon, VA to see George Washington's house (very cool!). We also went to MO to visit Tommy's sister and our nieces and nephews there, then down to OK and TX. We got to see some of my fam in TX and went hiking in Pala Duro Canyon with my sister Bethany and her husband Jason and my brother Drew and his soon to be bride Julia. We had a great time with all of them and wish it could have been longer. I think that is all we covered in this round of pics.

Tommy and Jax sitting in a corvette. My husband has always wanted one, but don't know if it will ever happen :)

Hiking in PalaDuroCanyon

OH yes this is the Cadillac Ranch. You can stop and spray paint the cars. Pretty cool. Right outside of Amarillo, TX. (oh forgot to mention we got to eat some AWESOME tex-mex *nothing like it anywhere else!!!!)
One of the rest stops in TX
Jax saying a big cheese for his pic at corvette museum!
George Washington's mansion in Mt Vernon.
One cool dude!
Faith I am not sure what she was doing. I think she thought it was a gun, but hey she is adorable!

Well, that is all I got for now. Hopefully my next post will be baby pics of this new little one. Hope you enjoyed a few of our pics from the trip!

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Jenny B. said...

So good to "hear" from you lady! Glad to hear all is well and that you have found a church home. That is always such a blessing and a huge weight lifted when you move somewhere (even somewhere you've already been). :) Looking forward to seeing pics of the newest Newcomb!