Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Overdue Update!

We have been getting into a new unfamiliar routine as Faith has started Kindergarten.  She loves it and is doing such a great job.  Her teacher said she is bright, very well behaved and a leader.  She told one boy who wanted to sit by her that she would sit by him, whenever he started to obey the teacher.  Her teacher also said that she tells everyone about Jesus.  I am so proud of her.  I am still teaching her at home how to read, she can read many words and is getting better every day.  She is a major blessing and bring so much light in my daily routine.  I love to see her eyes light up as we talk about everything school.  I would share my heart more on that decision but if you want to know you can just ask.  You can also pray for her if you think of it, she has been asking so many questions about salvation.
On to my second kidlet, our Jaxson pants is growing in so many ways- though not vertically as much. Haha! He is a smart little guy and he blesses me every day with endearing looks,funny antics, and his growing vocabulary.  The other day I said, "oh no! Trey is climbing up the stairs!" Jaxson then turns around and throws up his hands and says "You've got to be kiddin me, mama!" LOL. He is so funny.  He loves picking Faith up at school.
Then we have Trey, or my Trey-saur.  Oh yes he has that nick name for a reason!  Haha, it was Treyser, but I changed it to Trey-saur because he pretty much roars like a little dinosaur if he is not getting what he thinks he needs.  He is so much fun and very demanding.  I never thought I could handle a child who wasn't a very good sleeper (my first two were) but I am enjoying it. The Lord knows what you need.  I am up early now to take Faith to school and he greets me with his morning cry "I need you mom, come get me!" from his crib.  Then he smiles at me like he is the happiest boy in the world because Mama has him and all is right in the world.  Love him.  He is getting pretty mobile and will be walking very soon. He has brought such a great dynamic to our lives.  He is darling and makes my day when he smiles.
We have been trying to stay busy while Tommy is deployed.  We spent a month in Texas and had a great time with family.  We have been having family movies nights, setting up a tent with lights and popcorn and we have made a great friend in our neighbors.  The little girl who lives next door is 9 and she loves to play with the kiddos outside and help with the boys and she has been coming to church with us.  We are also trying to get into a schedule where we start to regularly join friends for story time at the library.  We are looking forward to daddy's return (whenever that may be).  I have found this deployment much more content and joyful than the last.  My motto verse has been:
I Tim 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.
While I have been trying even more so to stay in the word and be content with the things the Lord has for me right here, I am not perfect, but I am daily striving to please My God and not so much everyone else.  It has been a very blessed deployment so far but I am anxious to get my wonderful husband home and in my arms.  I am thankful to have a very wise husband who has given me some great leadership and advice from afar.  He has been a huge blessing to me and I am so thankful for the technology we have today.  We may not be able to communicate for weeks sometimes but God is good.  I am one very blessed wife, mother, sister, daughter, and child of God.

I also shared with you a picture of our Thankful Hands Tree.  I got the idea from the Brownings (thanks Chrissy) for the thankful hands, but I thought I would do a tree for fall and make the hands into leaves. Hope you enjoy the pics.  (And mom, the one of Faith in the night gown posing....I got find my Vanna White pose to compare that one to!)

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