Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cute Kid Awards????

Well, no, I am not asking you to vote in any contest for cute kids, because in my book....there is no competition.  Biased?  Maybe.  I don't need anyone to tell me I have the cutest and sweetest kidlets.  I mean seriously if you could hear them day in and day out like I do, you would think so too. HAHA.  Okay, seriously, yes kids will be kids and they have their moments but I love them to pieces and think they are the best most adorable gifts from God ever!!!  Love them:
Spoken in my home:
Jax:     Mama, my piderman broke (written how he said it)
Me:     Well, sorry you shouldn't leave it on the floor, that is how it gets stepped on.
Jax:      Its okay mama, daddy can fix it when he get home, he a super hero!
Me:     (Tearing up-because daddy is deployed)- what makes him a super hero Jaxson?
Jax:      Daddy got tools, mama, he fix it!

I mean seriously! Cutest thing EVER! Not to mention the below photos I captured recently! 

The first few, a tribute to Support Down Syndrome Month, their colors blue and yellow!  We support the DS community.  We think they enhance our society and improve our quality of life.....if you don't know a person with DS, get to know them!!! You will never know more love than that of a kid/person who can love no holds barred!  You are missing out if you do not choose to love them! We love you all- with a special shout out to Max, Ivanna, and Justus Browning!!!


Tom and April said...

Haha right after this i entered Trey in a cute kid photo

Jeanne' said...

sooo cute & they are getting soo big!

That is soo sweet about daddy being jax's super hero ;) every little boys super hero should be their daddy!!

Mcarthur Mile said...

I can't believe how big trey is getting! Miss you guys, I am off school next week, maybe I will come over. Glad to see Jax smile at the end of the pics.
Love ya

lily<3 ray<3 said...

oh my word! trey is like a little jax! so cute!